Secretariat’s work

Mission of the High Representative to West Africa

12 May 2024

The High Representative, H.E. Mr. Hamadi Meimou, conducted a tour of West Africa from April 21 to 24 to hold consultations with key partners of the Coalition for the Sahel.


In Abidjan, he was received by the Deputy Minister to the Minister of State, Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Integration, and Ivorians Abroad, H.E. Mr. Kacou Adjoua Léon Adom, as well as the Minister of State, Minister of Defense, H.E. Mr. Birahima Ouattara. These interlocutors reaffirmed Côte d’Ivoire’s desire to work towards regional stability in a cooperative approach with all its neighbors, considering its geographical location and the presence of Sahelian communities on its territory.



H.E. Mr. Hamadi Meimou also had the opportunity to visit the International Academy for the Fight Against Terrorism (AILCT), under the leadership of its director, General Allah Kouamé Joseph. 35 km from Abidjan, this African center of excellence contributes to the strengthening of African capabilities to address terrorist challenges.



The High Representative also held discussions with the European Union Ambassador to Côte d’Ivoire, H.E. Ms. Francesca Di Mauro, in the context of the enhanced support provided by the European Union to West African coastal countries facing the spillover of terrorist threats from the Sahel.



From May 10 to 11, the High Representative of the Coalition for the Sahel, H.E. Hamadi Meimou, traveled to Cotonou, where he was received by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, H.E. Mr. Olushegun Adjadi Bakari. He reaffirmed Benin’s commitment to strengthening regional cooperation to address the political, security, and humanitarian challenges of the Sahel, which are also of concern to the West African coastal countries.