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IN MEMORIAM, Dr Djimé Adoum

23 December 2023

Dr Djimé Adoum

(January 1, 1958 – December 15, 2023)


The Sahel Coalition Secretariat is sad to announce the passing of Dr. Djimé Adoum, which occurred on December 15, 2023, in the United States.


From March 2021 to August 2023, he served as High Representative of the Coalition for the Sahel. Appointed by the Heads of State of the Sahel on February 15, 2021, he worked tirelessly for the development and success of a Coalition which brings together the countries of the Sahel and around fifty countries and organizations in Africa and beyond.


With him died a man of peace and dialogue, a fervent defender of the emancipation and development of the Sahel. He spared no effort to ensure that, despite an international geopolitical context marked by increasing difficulties, the mobilization of partners in favour of the Sahel was maintained. His advocacy notably targeted human rights abuses, the response to the food crisis and the strengthening of cooperation between Sahelian and coastal countries.


A trained agronomist, Dr. Adoum will also leave the image of a Chadian executive dedicated to the development of agriculture to serve the needs of people. He was notably Minister of Agriculture of Chad and Executive Secretary of the Permanent Interstate Committee to Combat Drought in the Sahel (CILSS), after having worked for a long time in the field.


For those who worked with him, he leaves behind the image of a man of uprightness, integrity and concern for the quality of collective work.


May he rest in peace.